You are confident and direct and when you set your sights on a romantic interest there is nothing that will get in the way of your pursuit. You are likely to devote all of your attention and energy to your romantic interest. Dating, like most life areas, is like a sport to you. You will feel exhilarated while in pursuit of a love interest who returns your sense of attraction yet who presents a challenge to overcome. With Sun in Gemini, you are attracted by those who are interesting. You want to learn from your potential partner. You are an eternal student, taking in data from your surroundings and you will approach dating with the same rational focus and desire for mental stimulation.

What His Venus Sign Says About The Girlfriend He Wants

This text was originally published on Vogue Australia. Your Sun sign is how you think and view the world, but oftentimes it has little to do with how you approach love. Surprisingly, most married couples have incompatible Suns. So what does matter then? Enter your Venus sign.

whole horoscope into account, or the other person’s. Using your full birth date and your Venus Sign, not just your usual sign, gives you crucial information on the.

Venus is the planet that rules what we intrinsically value in relationships as well as how we value ourselves. What does a man with Venus in Cancer want? I want a girl…. And what if Mom was a bitch? The trouble is, he will act like a child. Or worse… he will just be plain mean to all women, perpetually on the defensive. He will listen to your feelings. He will care about your feelings. He is…. This is a loyal Venus.

The Signs You Should Not Date

What is necessary and comforting to one person may be triggering to another person. Of course, feel free to break these rules. Going by one or two synastry aspects is never going to tell the whole story about your relationship.

Men born with Venus in Cancer are very emotional and can easily be and they don’t find anything interesting in dating different people and.

Venus in Aries: You have an exciting approach to love, that is almost child-like in how straightforward and innocent it is. In relationships, you are very straightforward with your intentions, and you love to live in the moment. For Venus in Aries, love is very much about the chase, the thrill of pursuit, the adrenaline. Rather impulsive in love, you follow your heart as freely as you can- and as a result, you find it hard to settle down.

This Venus sign needs a relationship that both protects their independence and is also a bit of a challenge. You show your feelings openly and enthusiastically, and others find your affectionate nature attractive. Venus in Taurus: Love cannot be rushed for you. Once in love, Venus in Taurus is deeply sensual, demonstrative, and generous.

Venus in Cancer Man

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A naturally curious person, you have places to see, people to meet, and things to do. Venus in Cancer: Highly romantic, you have a very strong desire to be loved, but due to your sensitivity, you hide You probably don’t date or hookup.

You want roots, a home and a family. Venus in Cancer is all about the nurturing of love and of knowing someone like the back of your hand. Emotional security is your primary goal and your sensitivity means you are easily hurt. You adore romance and hate vulgarity and anything crass. Someone had better be prepared to woo you. You want to put down roots and moving house is something you dread and will go to great lengths to avoid. Your ideal date is either a really good restaurant whose menu you know intimately or cocooning with your loved one in front of the fire.

Your Ultimate Guide to Venus Retrograde

This planet rules love, beauty, relationships both romantic and platonic , emotional attachments, attraction, as well as our most pleasure-seeking sides. Where your Venus sign falls dictates how we express love and how we want to be loved in return. In essence, your Venus sign suggests the type of lover you are—and this may differ wildly from your sun sign. But if your Venus is in Cancer , you may be much more emotional and sensitive than a typical Aquarian. Overall, you can see your Venus sign acting out in the crushes you have, your personal sense of style, and your toxic love habits.

Venus in Cancer is sensitive, emotional and intuitive in love. They can run their own business, take care of the kids, and still look perfect for date night. lead them into entanglements with “the bad guy or girl”, which can be a destructive.

And as such, you can expect a powerful flow of emotion that cancers find difficult to control. Cancers have a homely, motherly, nurturing disposition to their character and you can often find them hosting events at home or pretty much any activity that involves family and the home environment. Cancers are usually great with money and make excellent partners to the right mate.

This is not the sign to play with in the matters of love. They take their love life and their feelings seriously and it would be in your best interest to do the same. They began a courtship with caution and maybe even a bit of cynicism but when they do fall for you, they fall hard.

Venus – The Planet of Love

The first secret to know about a Cancer in love is that it does NOT refer to a sun-sign Cancer person. Venus in Cancer is the big sentimental baby of the zodiac. Cancer is the first water sign, and Venus in Cancer is a very emotional lover. They express affection sensitively, comfortingly, protectively, and tenaciously. They care about your feelings and they will not give up showing it. Venus in Cancer will embrace you tightly as they express their love with a tear in their eye.

Venus in Cancer vibes are a huge departure from the recent astrological energy we’ve been feeling when it comes to dating and relationships.

Your Venus Sign is the Sign where the planet Venus is located in your birth chart. If your Sun Sign or Rising Sign is Aries or Leo or Sagittarius, you may also have the following style to some extent; but whatever your Sun Sign may be, when you have Venus in one of these Fire Signs, your way of flirting is even more likely to be as described below. You act on impulse; are full of surprises; and are not boring.

You act lively, playful, plucky, vital, fiery, feisty, or cocky. You love a challenge and play the game with gusto. You act very enthusiastic and are very expressive about your feelings. Subtle is not your style. You act bold and spunky, take chances, and will risk rejection. You are easily infatuated, then may lose interest if you get bored. Direct and bold. You make your interest or intentions known, and are rarely subtle or shy about it.

You can risk rejection, and recover from a rebuff. And you like a challenging conquest too. You may engage in sports or a game of chance to attract the attention of one you desire.

Why Venus Retrograde Might Screw With Your Zodiac Sign’s Relationships

Themoreyouknow, right? So now could be a great time for you to work on that social media marketing business you’ve been toying with, Marie Kondo all those unworn clothes gathering legit dust in the back of your closet ew , or decide whether or not you want to pursue grad school. But unfortunately for me—and many of you—Venus is going retrograde from May 13, to June 25, In the simplest terms, Venus in retrograde means that the planet that rules love , your values, and beauty is moving backwards yes, literally.

Dun, dun, duuuuuun. A whole host of cringeworthy moments await you: An old flame sending a “U up?

Learn about Venus Cancer men and women, who love cautiously, but yearn for love to fill an ocean-deep longing.

Email address:. He likes seeing his partner satisfied and his friends happy with the treatment that he offers. He helps build up a sense of stability and security that no one else can match. While some men may prefer their partners to be exceedingly vivacious, foxy, and bold to the utter limits, the Venus in Cancer man wants a sensitive, sensible, and tender woman. He wants her to be natural, to take care of herself in a simple and intriguing manner.

He wants to build a relationship from the ground up, to help it along the way, and to spiritually enrich the bonds with sensible approaches. If he puts in this much effort towards the creation of a safe haven, he will naturally be very reluctant in abandoning it, and there are very few things that would put him in this situation in the first place.

This guy lives to love and to be loved. Rather, he prefers to suffer in silence, for as long as it takes. He wants to be appreciated for what he does, and he wants his girl to crave his presence, to always anxious about his leaving anywhere.

Venus in Cancer, Cancer in Love